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We have scheduled work days for the ballpark. Jay Chilton is in charge of delegating duties. If you and/or anyone you know are willing to volunteer their time to make this the best season ever, please email Jay Chilton at or call him at (318) 450-1277. We are needing any kind of machinery i.e. dozers, backhoes, tillers, discs, tractors, etc. The dates are as follows.....

February 18th - 9 am till

February 25th - 9 am till

March 3rd - 9 am till

March 10th - 9 am till

March 17th - 9 am till

We hope to see everyone there!!


We are currently looking for coaches and committee members!! Anyone interested in coaching should email Shane Hattaway for Baseball, Teresa Fletcher for softball, and Tony Guirlando for Teeball and Weeball.




Board Members 

Tony Guirlando

Stuart Lewis

Shane Hattaway  

Teresa Fletcher 

Lisa Richardson 

Jay Chilton 

Melissa Sanford  


     Committee Members 
Baseball Committee
Chairman: Shane Hattaway
Softball Committee
Chairman: Teresa Fletcher

Calhoun Invitational Independent Baseball
District 5
P.O. Box 296
Calhoun, Louisiana 71225


Wednesday, February 29
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